Inaya’s bedroom has the cutest little cabana, super cosy, where she can daydream and sleep like a princess! Like a cloud of paper lanterns, accordions lanterns and poms, an a sweet palette of pink hues matching the bed.

If you want a similar decoration for your little one, this is what you need to get from our store:  

  • 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – pink fluo
  • 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – vintage rose
  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – latté
  • 1 pompom- 35cm – vintage rose
  • 1 paperfan – 45cm – vitamine pink
  • 1 paper lantern -15cm – vintage rose
  • 1 paper lantern – 15cm – Hazel

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sous-le-lampion-chambre de Valentina

In Tina’s bedroom there is super soft cloud over her bed, to make beautiful dreams.

If you want to create this cluster in your baby girl bedroom or find the perfect gift for a mother-to-be, you will find all you need in our boutique:

  • 1 eyelet paper lantern -35cm – white
  • 1 pompom -35cm- white
  • 2 accordion lanterns-20cm – vintage rose
  • 1 accordion lantern -20cm – latté
  • 1 honeycomb ball -12cm -white

You can even ask us to wrap your gift for you when checking out, for a great surprise to your family members or friends.

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Lampions déco pour chambre de petite fille

Thanks to Marie, we can discover her 3-year-old girl bedroom who is completely thrilled by the romantic decor created just for her.
Have a tour in our boutique to pick up the following items:

  • 1 paper pompom – 35cm – meringue
  • 1 paper lantern -20cm -white
  • 1 accordion lantern -20cm -marron glacé
  • 1 paper lantern -15cm – vintage rose
  • 1 paper lantern – 35cm – rose blush
  • 1 accordion lantern -20cm -rose blush
  • 1 etoile polaire – 60cm – vintage rose

Idée déco pour chambre de petite fille

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Here’s a great idea for a super easy super pretty table decor. Use our small sized paper pompoms to create a colorful centerpiece for your holiday table, a wedding buffet…

You just need to fluff our pompoms, and group them on your tabletop to create a colorful bloom that will delight your guests! And here’s another tip: hide a small battery operated light garland in the pompoms grouping for a magical effect when the sun goes down… 

Wether you feel like having a pastel party or a bright color fête, you will for sure find what you need in our paper pompoms collection!

2 3 4 6 7

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What a lovely decor for a baby girl’s nursery! Thanks to her mum who knew how to associate a graphic wallpaper and a colorful cluster of lanterns. The result is brilliant!

To do this cluster, you can choose in our boutique the following items:

– Honeycomb ball – 30 cm – frosted mint
– Accordion lantern – 20cm – vintage rose
– Paperfan – 45cm – frosted mint
– Pompom- 40 cm – white
– Paper lantern – 15cm – Rose blush
– Paper lantern – 15cm – watercolor green
– Accordion lantern – 30cm – Rose blush

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We never get tired of this color palette !

Simple and joyful, it will be perfect for your wedding, a baby shower or a springy lunch. Even when the sun sets, there’s magic in the air.

We used our colors shell pink and vintage rose for the accordion lanterns, grey little house for the lanterns, and white for the eyelet lanterns.

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17 15 16     21 22 23 24


How happy we are to share with you Guili Gribouilli‘s creations, bed linen and decoration for children, among paper fan, accordion lantern and honeycomb balls.

Colorful décor for happy babies!

– 1 honeycomb paper fan – 53cm- white

– 1 honeycomb paper fan – 53cm – peach smoothie

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – vintage rose

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm- watermelon hues

SLL-Guili-gribouilli 4SLL-Guili-gribouilli  SLL-Guili-gribouilli-3

– 1 paper fan- 45cm- profound turquoise

– 1 honeycomb fan- 53cm – white

– 1 boule en papier alvéolé – 20cm – frosted mint

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – ice cube

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – profound turquoise

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sous-le-lampion-saycheers-2 (c) Photographer Martin Condomines

Perfect pastel colors for an outdoor boho wedding.

Thanks to the talented photographer Martin Condomines to share with us his photos (

You will find in our boutique:

– Accordion lanterns 30cm – vintage rose

– Accordion lanterns 20cm – vintage rose

– Paper lanterns 35cm – powder lilac

– Paper lanterns 35cm – watercolor green

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sous-le-lampion-saycheers-1  (c) Photographer Martin Condominessous-le-lampion-saycheers-3 (c) Photographer Martin Condomines


Louise’s bedroom is outstanding, in a retro-boho style and this great idea of a lightened cluster!

To create this decor at home, you will need the following elements:

– 1 Paper pompom – 40cm – Meringue
– 1 Paper pompom – 40cm – Sugar rose
– 1 Accordion lantern – 20cm – White
– 1 Accordion lantern – 20cm – Vintage rose
– 1 Paper lantern – 35cm – Rose blush
– 1 Paper lantern – 35cm – Vintage rose

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How cute is this nursery ?! In a corner of the bedroom and over her changing station, April’s mum hang beautiful lanterns in warm colors for a super pretty boho look. Well done !

If you want the same decoration for your home, you need :
1 paper fan 45cm peach smoothie
1 honeycomb fan 53cm frosted mint
1 paper pompom meringue
1 paper lantern 35cm coral lipstick
1 accordion paper lantern 20cm watermelon hues
1 accordion paper lantern 20cm latte

All products are available in the store !