Décoration dans les tons verts, roses, crème et gris

Here is a very nice idea for twins’s nursery decor: 2 differents cluster! We thank Anne-Laure for those original colors and a mix and match of our products.

To reproduce the biggest cluster, you will need small hooks and fine thread. Start placing the star and the paper lantern in 35cm, then another small hook to place the paperfans. The smallest elements will be add at last:

  • 1 pompom -40cm – silver mettalic
  • 1 pompom -40cm – vintage rose
  • 1 star lantern 60cm – vintage rose
  • 1 paperfan – 53cm – vanilla
  • 1 paperfan – 45cm- turquoise dream
  • 1 paper lantern – 20cm – vintage rose
  • 1 pompom – 25cm – summeur peach
  • 1 accordion lantern -30cm – green chic
  • 2 paperfans – 35cm – frosted mint
  • 2 paperfans-  35cm – pretty in pink
  • 1 paper lantern – 15cm – cumulus grey

Décoration dans les tons verts, roses, crème et gris

For the small pink cluster, one unique hook is enough, placed in the angle of the room. You will suspend your elements one by one, by beginning with the chevron paper lantern and ending with the biggest pompom to hide the hook on top:

  • 1 pompom – 40cm – fuchsia Ohlala
  • 2 eyelet lanterns- 20cm – cherry blossom
  • 1 paper lantern -20cm – feather blue
  • 1 chevron paper lantern-35cm – rose blush

Décoration dans les tons verts, roses, crème et gris

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Décoration en papier, lanternes, rosaces, lampions et étoiles pour la chambre de bébé

Thank you Amélie for sharing with us your beautiful pink cluster in your baby’s nursery.

With 7 elements from our shop, this mom created a unique cluster with light products and nice girly colors. We love it!

You can hang the whole cluster with a small hook and a piece of fine thread. Each element has a small rope or an hook to be easily suspended.

To do the same cluster in your baby’s bedroom, you will find in our boutique the following elements:

  • 2 accordion lanterns – 20cm – vintage rose
  • 1 eyelet paperfan – 53cm – old school pink
  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – white
  • 1 star lantern – 60 cm – vintage rose
  • 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – silver greyDécoration en papier, lanternes, rosaces, lampions et étoiles pour la chambre de bébé Décoration en papier, lanternes, rosaces, lampions et étoiles pour la chambre de bébé

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decoration murale noire et blanche

To add some zen vibes to your master bedroom, go for black, white and grey colors. This cool grouping of lanterns is easy to put together, using the following items:  

  • 1 paperfan -53cm – cumulus grey
  • 1 honeycomb ball – 30cm – white
  • 1 honeycomb ball – 30cm – black is back
  • 1 star lantern -60cm – silver metallic
  • 2 honeycomb drops -12.5cm – cumulus grey
  • 2 honeycomb balls -12cm -white
  • 1 pompom- 40cm – white
  • 1 accordion lantern- 20cm -silver grey

You will find in our paper lanterns store many cool ways to decorate your master bedroom, your living room, or any other room of your home, with neutral hues of white, grey, black or beige.

To hang this decoration, simply nail on the wall 1 or 2 picture hooks and use twine or fishing line to hang the lanterns.  

decoration murale de lampions et lanternes noires et blanches

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Inaya’s bedroom has the cutest little cabana, super cosy, where she can daydream and sleep like a princess! Like a cloud of paper lanterns, accordions lanterns and poms, an a sweet palette of pink hues matching the bed.

If you want a similar decoration for your little one, this is what you need to get from our store:  

  • 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – pink fluo
  • 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – vintage rose
  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – latté
  • 1 pompom- 35cm – vintage rose
  • 1 paperfan – 45cm – vitamine pink
  • 1 paper lantern -15cm – vintage rose
  • 1 paper lantern – 15cm – Hazel

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Thank you to Charline for this cute picture!  Every girls would just love this type of decor! 

To create this cluster, you will need our paper lanterns kit – Zoé, a honeycomb ball – 20 cm – pretty in pink and a paperfan- 53 cm – Vanilla. There are also a hook, nail and string in the kit, so that it is easy to hang on the wall. 

To hang more elements, you can use small frame hooks or transparent hooks from the brand Tesa,  which can bear up to 300 grams, and transparent fishing twine or fine thread.

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Here comes the white wedding marquee with a colorful sky!

Like Apolline for her own wedding marquee, you can tighten some fine twine along the central edge of your marquee and hang a mix and match of forms and colors. All our paper lanterns have a small hook or a small string (for accordion lanterns, honeycomb balls, paper fans …) so that you can attach them easily. WOW effect guaranteed!  

Another great idea: use our paper fans for a colorful backdrop to the bride and groom’s table. 

To create this sky of lanterns,  you will need the following products:

  • Pompoms – 40 cm – Meringue
  • Pompoms – 40 cm – Happy pink
  • Honeycomb ball – 30 cm – Vitamine pink
  • Honeycomb ball – 30cm – frosted mint
  • Paperfan – 53cm – vitamine pink
  • Paperfan – 35cm – Peach smoothie
  • Paperfan – 45cm – Peach smoothie
  • Paperfan – 68cm – Frosted mint
  • Honeycomb diamont – 30cm – frosted mint
  • Paper lantern – 66cm – Rose Blush
  • Paper lantern – 66cm – Corail lipstick

sous-le-lampion-apolline2sous-le-lampion-apolline1  sous-le-lampion-apolline (c)Laboheme-phographe.com

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What a lovely decor for a baby girl’s nursery! Thanks to her mum who knew how to associate a graphic wallpaper and a colorful cluster of lanterns. The result is brilliant!

To do this cluster, you can choose in our boutique the following items:

– Honeycomb ball – 30 cm – frosted mint
– Accordion lantern – 20cm – vintage rose
– Paperfan – 45cm – frosted mint
– Pompom- 40 cm – white
– Paper lantern – 15cm – Rose blush
– Paper lantern – 15cm – watercolor green
– Accordion lantern – 30cm – Rose blush

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Today’s idea: colorful groupings of lanterns to contrast with a white wedding tent! You can also add one more cluster at the entrance of your venue as a cute welcome to your guests.

To create those clusters, Coralie made the choice to mix and match forms, size and colors which make a very unique kind of décor.

You will need the following items to build the above decor:

– Honeycomb ball – 30 cm – Aquatic
– Honeycomb ball- 30 cm – Peach smoothie
– Paper lantern- 35cm – Bora blue
– Paper lantern – 50cm – Bora blue
– Honeycomb ball- 20 cm – Aquatic
– Honeycomb ball – 30 cm – Super blue
– Acordion lantern – 20cm – “It-blue”
– Accordion lantern- 30cm – “It-blue”
– Paperfan – 53cm – Super blue ocean
– Honeycomb ball- 20 cm – Peach smoothie
– Paperfan – 45cm – Peach smoothie
– Paperfan – 53cm – Peach smoothie
– Paper lantern  – 15cm – Clementine
– Paper lantern  – 20cm – Clementine
– Paper lantern  – 35cm – Clementine
– Paper lantern – 50cm – Clementine
– Paper lantern – 66cm – Clementine
– Honeycomb ball – 12 cm – Peach smoothie

sous-le-lampion-mariage-co-4 sous-le-lampion-mariage-co-1sous-le-lampion-mariage-co-3

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Claire, fan of lanterns, sent us her birthday decor made of colorful paper fans, honeycomb balls and accordion lanterns. These lovely clusters can be made with:

Accordion lantern – 20cm- profound turquoise

Accordion lantern – 30cm – honey lemonade

Accordion lantern – 20cm – watermelon hues

Accordion lantern – 20cm- ice cube

Paperfan – 45cm – vitamine pink

Honeycomb fans – 53cm – super blue ocean

Honeycomb fans – 53cm – frosted mint

Paper fan – 45cm – peach smoothie

Honeycomb ball – 30cm – pretty in pink

Honeycomb ball – 20cm – vitamine pink


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Happy birthday to little Solal who has celebrated his 6 years old under lanterns and garlands. Thanks to his mom Jane for her great choice of colors, which she has reused, afterward, for her daughter’s room. 

A  decor composed with:

– 1 paper fan in 45cm – vitamine pink

– 1 paper pompom turquoise

 1 paper pompom butter cup

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm- silver grey

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – ice cube

– 1 honeycomb balloon – aquatic (coming soon)


All products are available in our boutique