Each season, we create new colors for our paper lanterns range, to help you bring a little bit of pretty to each of your party, wedding or home decorations. Our colors are exclusive, your decor will be unique.

You can mix and match sizes (accordion lanterns in 20cm and 30cm) and colors, pastel, bright or neutral, to easily decorate your wedding venue, birthday bash, kids playroom or baby nursery. Wow effect guaranteed.  

Here are some of the accordion paper lanterns new colors you can find in our store.

lampions accordéons sous le lampionPeach daiquiri Lampion rougeRaspberry jamLampion rond - 30cm - AcaciaNew yellowcomposition de lampionsFrosted lilac

Lampions sous le lampionLavender mistLampions sous le lampionBaby bluelampions accordéons sous le lampionTea roseLampion menthe pour anniversaire ou chambre d'enfantMint bubble

sll-nouveaux-coloris-bleu  sll-nouveaux-coloris-vrac

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It’s so easy to create a backdrop with paper fans and this is a great way to decorate your party buffet or sweet table.

You just have to choose the colors you’re in the mood for your event, or you can even choose first your palette while shopping in our store, and then match the rest of the decoration elements.  

Possibilities are endless. It’s always a good thing to mix and match sizes and shapes (small, medium, maxi, regular or honeycomb paper fans). Each of our fan comes with a piece of twine so that you can hang them in 2 seconds!  

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ictures: Sara Parsons

How cute is this sweet little kitten party for Lila’s 8th birthday?!
What a great color palette, sweet but not too girlie. PERFECT

A great idea to borrow? Hanging a long paper lanterns garland to the top of a window for a gorgeous soft glow.

To create a similar decoration, you need the following paper lanterns:

Paper lanterns 35cm – vintage rose and latté
Accordion paper lanterns 20cm and 30cm – white and celadon
Paper Pompom Pompon en papier café au lait and sugar rose
Paper lanterns 20cm – Hazel
Paper lanterns 15cm – white






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Thank you Clémence to show us a piece of your home sweet home in Hong Kong! Lucky little Gisele !

A beautiful décor and a great combo of colors:

– 1 honeycomb ball – 30cm – cumulus grey

– 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – watermelon hues

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm- latté

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm- ice cube

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm- vintage rose

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm- honey lemonade


All products are available in the store !



What about creating the same grouping of paper lanterns for your little one’s bedroom ?

You just need the following:

1 accordion lantern – 30cm- white

1 accordion lantern – 20cm- vintage rose

1 accordion lantern- 20cm- rose blush

1 star lantern white

1 honeycomb ball – 30cm- pretty in pink



C) Lantern and Lampion

And here’s a new series of hopefully inspiring pictures, featuring some of our new products. Accordion and regular paper lanterns in a beautiful shade of copper (our all-time favorite) and a super-chic tone of green.

To make this cluster, you need twine, 20 minutes and the following products:

– 2 paper lanterns – baby- silky bronzer

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm- silky bronzer

–  1 accordion lantern – 20cm – marron glacé

– 2 accordion lanterns – 30cm – marron glacé

– 2 accordion lanterns – 20cm – chic green

All these lanternes are available in our Christmas selection: shop now !





All our new products are available in our boutique 


For her son’s birthday party, Aude used our paper lanterns, accordion lanterns and honeycomb balls to decorate the inside and outside of her beautiful home. We love the contrast between stones/green and bright colors ! Thank you Aude 🙂

Paper lanterns in shades of santorini blue, bora blue and hello sunshine,




How to decorate a birthday party when your interior is already so stylish ?! Well, you could follow what Kikoc did for her birthday celebration in a beautiful apartment in Stockholm.
A paper lanterns chandelier hung to the ceiling and to the wall, and few paper lanterns, honeycomb balls and accordion paper lanterns simply put on the floor, and voila !! Stylish, contemporary and FUN

Thanks Kikoc it’s oh-so-pretty

For the paper lanterns chandelier:

– 2x Paper lantern – 35cm – Pretty coral
– 1x Paper lantern – 35cm – Latté
– 1x Paper lantern – 35cm – Grey little mouse
– 2x Paper pompom – 40cm – Macchiato
– 1x Paper lantern – 35cm – White
– 2x Accordion lantern – 20cm – Vintage rose




A superb idea to decorate your wedding marquee or your tent ! Thank you to  Capucine Atelier Floral for the lovely pictures !

All products are available in our boutique 



A lovely room full of fun for the little boy Hadrian. We love the shades of gray, red and blue.

And 3 small round paper lanterns ( 20cm white, 20cm silver gray and blue glossy 30cm ) as small clouds –

Congratulations and thank you to his mom for pictures 🙂