Composition de lanternes roses et pêches pour chambre de petite fille

In Leanna’s nursery every detail matters. We are glad to show you this over cute cluster in “peach and pale pink” hues this week.

If you wish to reproduce this very romantic cluster of paper lanterns in your babygirl’s bedroom, you will need the following elements from our boutique:

  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – vintage rose
  • 1 accordion lantern- 20cm – tea rose
  • 1 Pompom – 25cm – vintage rose
  • 1 Pompom – 40cm – vintage rose
  • 1 eyelet lantern – 35cm – Nostalgia

Another nice example of two different pink hues put together to create an original cluster.

Composition de lanternes roses et pêches pour chambre de petite filleComposition de lanternes roses et pêches pour chambre de petite fille Composition de lanternes roses et pêches pour chambre de petite fille

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décoration pour chambre de petite fille verte grise et rose

Aline has created an amazing decoration for her kid’s bedroom, and the choice of shapes and colors is just perfection! A mix of different lanterns and poms, creating a great grouping making total decorative sense… because yes, you should definitely mix and match shapes, sizes and colors, especially on a beautiful neutral color wall.  

To copy/paste this pretty girly decor idea, you will find in our shop the following lanterns:

  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – silver grey
  • 1 honeycomb ball – 20 cm – frosted mint
  • 1 paper lantern – 15cm – vintage rose
  • 2 honeycomb drops – 12,5cm – pretty in pink
  • 1 paper lantern – 15cm – Bora blue
  • 1 eyelet paper lantern – 35cm – cherry blossom
  • 1 chevron paper lantern- 35cm – cumulus grey
  • 1 honeycomb ball- 12 cm – pretty in pink
  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – Mint bubble

Decoration murale pour chambre de petite fille décoration murale pour chambre de petite fille verte et rose Décoration murale pour chambre de petite fille dans les tons de rose, de vert et de gris

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decoration murale noire et blanche

To add some zen vibes to your master bedroom, go for black, white and grey colors. This cool grouping of lanterns is easy to put together, using the following items:  

  • 1 paperfan -53cm – cumulus grey
  • 1 honeycomb ball – 30cm – white
  • 1 honeycomb ball – 30cm – black is back
  • 1 star lantern -60cm – silver metallic
  • 2 honeycomb drops -12.5cm – cumulus grey
  • 2 honeycomb balls -12cm -white
  • 1 pompom- 40cm – white
  • 1 accordion lantern- 20cm -silver grey

You will find in our paper lanterns store many cool ways to decorate your master bedroom, your living room, or any other room of your home, with neutral hues of white, grey, black or beige.

To hang this decoration, simply nail on the wall 1 or 2 picture hooks and use twine or fishing line to hang the lanterns.  

decoration murale de lampions et lanternes noires et blanches

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easy and affordable idea for adult master bedroom decoration

Thank you to Tina for sending us this gorgeous picture of paper lanterns, simply hung to a wooden ladder by her nightstand. Such a pretty idea to decorate your own bedroom.

If you want the same for your home, here are the paper lanterns you will need from our store:

  • 1 eyelet lantern -35cm – white
  • 2 accordion lanterns -20cm -silver grey
  • 2 pompoms – 25cm -cumulus grey
  • 1 accordion lantern -35cm – white
  • 1 paper lantern – 15cm – silver star

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decoration chambre de garçon lampions

Cute alert for this boys’ playroom! We love this grouping of blue, grey and white paper lanterns and how it completes perfectly this bedroom’s corner.

To replicate this decoration in your home, here a list of the paper lanterns you will need from our boutique:

  • 1 paper lantern – 35cm – sugar blue
  • 2 paper lanterns – 15cm – sugar blue
  • 1 paper lantern – 15cm – cumulus grey
  • 1 paper lantern – 15cm – white
  • 2 paper lanterns – 35cm – surf blue
  • 1 paper pompom – 35cm – white
  • 1 paper lantern – 20cm – white
  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – silver grey
  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – white

And for the how to hang the lanterns, check out our 101 page here 


kit tipi

We have a new ready to hang paper lanterns kit, the TIPI kit which is a perfect gift idea at a very reasonable price!

It will complete your boys’ playroom decor like a charm… and it’s a cute present to put under the Christmas tree.

The kit includes a set of accordion paper lanterns, star lantern and paper lanterns and a length of string to hang on a teepee, kids’ tent or even bunk beds.
You can also hang these on the wall!

s - ambiances_344_bis

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Ok now that’s the perfect Christmas gift for a future mom, or a great baby shower present for anyone expecting a baby girl. Our new paper lanterns kit LOUISE with its soft shades of light pink and white is totally romantic and shabby chic.  Like the rest of our paper lanterns kits range, this kit includes paper lanterns, a length of twine and hook + nail for hanging. And if you still have doubts regarding how to easily hang paper lanterns to the wall, here’s a quick 101 to help you. 



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Thank you to Anne-Laure who’s sharing with us some pictures of her super cute baby Anna’s nursery!
Birth picture is from Cocoon Photo.

This is a perfect cluster for a baby girl sweet bedroom. Want to do the same ? here’s what you need:

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – silver grey

– 1 accordion lantern-  30cm -white

– 1 paper lantern – baby – vintage rose

– 1 paper lantern – baby- grey cumulus

– 1 paper lantern – baby- white

– 1 star lantern vintage rose

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Check out Marlène’s great idea for her daughter’s bedroom! We just love the lanterns, lampions and stars like a constellation over the bed.

You just need to get small hooks for the ceiling (the auto adhesive hooks a great) and strong twine or fishing wire.

Lanterns selection :

– 1 star lantern 60cm – vintage rose

– 2 accordion lanterns -20cm -rose blush

– 2 accordion lanterns  -20cm – rose vintage

– 3 paper lanterns – baby- white

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm – white

– 2 paper lanterns -chevron – 35cm – blush rose


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How cute is this nursery ?! In a corner of the bedroom and over her changing station, April’s mum hang beautiful lanterns in warm colors for a super pretty boho look. Well done !

If you want the same decoration for your home, you need :
1 paper fan 45cm peach smoothie
1 honeycomb fan 53cm frosted mint
1 paper pompom meringue
1 paper lantern 35cm coral lipstick
1 accordion paper lantern 20cm watermelon hues
1 accordion paper lantern 20cm latte

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