Our favorite decor of the week which will be used and reused by all our future newly weds, we can bet on it!

A group of tightened elements, a mix and match of forms and colors patiently chosen and assembled and once again a great contrast between white, wood and pop colors. We love it!

If you wish to do the same grouping of lanterns as Marine did for her wedding, you will need to order:

  • Paper lanterns – 35cm – white
  • paper lanterns – 35cm – hello sunshine
  • Paper fans – 45cm – white
  • Pompom – 40 cm – butter cup
  • Paper lanterns – 50cm – white
  • Paper lanterns- 50cm – cumulus grey
  • Accordion lanterns – 20cm – silver grey
  • Paper lanterns – 45cm – hello sunshine
  • Paper fans  – 45cm – cumulus grey
  • Honeycomb balls – 20 cm – white
  • Pompom – 40 cm – white
  • Accordion lanterns – 20cm – yellow pow
  • Paper lanterns – 35cm – silver grey
  • Tissue fan bunting – 3 m – white
  • Accordion lanterns – 20cm – white
  • Honeycomb ball – 30 cm – Black is back
  • Accordion lanterns- 20cm – honey limonade
  • Accordion lanterns – 30cm – yellow pow
  • Accordion lanterns – 30cm – silver grey
  • Accordion lanterns – 30cm – white
  • Accordion lanterns- 30cm – Honey limonade
  • Honeycomb balls – 20 cm – Cumulus grey

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sous-le-lampion-marine1 sous-le-lampion-marine2

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sous-le-lampion-4 (C) Cybèle Desarnauts

For our new collection we have decorated a little buffet for a ” best day ” under a sky of lanterns in various colors, eyelet and sizes.

The photographer Cybèle Desarnauts pleased us to capture this scene.

To realise this sky, we tightened several fishing lines and hung various sizes of the lanterns on. A good idea if you have a low budget and wish to decorate only a part of your wedding, for example above a cocktail buffet,… etc.

– 5  paper lanterns- 35cm – white

– 1 paper lantern – 20cm – white

– 2 eyelet lanterns – 35cm – white

– 2 eyelet lanterns –  20cm- white

– 2 paper lanterns – 35cm – iced melon

– 1 paper lantern  – 20cm – iced melon

– 1 paper lantern – 20cm- retro chic

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm- retro chic

– 1 eyelet lanterns – 35cm- retro chic

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm- poudre soleil

– 1 paper lantern- 20cm- poudre soleil

– 1 eyelet lantern – 20cm- cumulus grey

sous-le-lampion-2(C) Cybèle Desarnautssous-le-lampion-3(C) Cybèle Desarnautssous-le-lampion-5(C) Cybèle Desarnautssous-le-lampion-6(C) Cybèle Desarnautssous-le-lampion-7(C) Cybèle Desarnautssous-le-lampion-1(C) Cybèle Desarnauts

Cake toper et little flags: Pelemele on Etsy
Table cloth et vase: Zara Home
Headband flowers satin: Maison Guillemette

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(C)Lantern and Lampion

We’re So happy to introduce our new eyelet paper lanterns !  Their lace aspect is above chic…

They will bring magic and style to your holidays decor.
We designed subtle shades of grey, pinkish beige, light pink and white.

You can create a beautiful sky of paper lanterns, with various sizes and colors. The easiest way is to use fishing line that you fix wherever you can, hooks, beams, windows etc. to create a structure from which you will be able to hang your lanterns.

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Elements, Deli&Restaurant in Germany has chosen our paper lanterns to decorate its interior. A beautiful mix of blue, grey, green and white paper-lanterns.

Do not hesitate to choose different sizes of lanterns to create a colorful ceiling like this one. It’s great, thank you!

– Paper lanterns -35cm -cumulus grey

– Paper lanterns – 50cm- cumulus grey

– Paper lanterns – 50cm – Green tea

– Paper lanterns -35cm -watercolor green

– Paper lanterns baby- cumulus grey

– Paper lanterns baby – watercolor green

– Accordion lantern -20cm – silver grey

– Paper lanterns – 35cm – santorini blue

– Paper lanterns -35cm -bora blue

– Accordion lantern -20cm – profound turquoise

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Barbara shares with us her beautiful cluster of lanterns for a baby room. A simple and cute idea for a little boy but also for a girl.
Timeless colors and perfect decor ! Thank you for this excellent idea which will for sure delight many of you !

To create a similar cluster of lanterns for your future baby’s room, you will need:

Honeycomb fan in cumulus grey

– Star lantern in white

– Paper pompom in white

– Honeycomb ball in 30cm – white

– Accordion lantern – 30cm – cumulus grey

– Accordion lantern – 20cm – ice cube

Our advice: the small accordion lantern in blue can be replaced by a small accordion lantern in rose blush color for a girl’s bedroom


All products are available in our boutique