Décoration dans les tons verts, roses, crème et gris

Here is a very nice idea for twins’s nursery decor: 2 differents cluster! We thank Anne-Laure for those original colors and a mix and match of our products.

To reproduce the biggest cluster, you will need small hooks and fine thread. Start placing the star and the paper lantern in 35cm, then another small hook to place the paperfans. The smallest elements will be add at last:

  • 1 pompom -40cm – silver mettalic
  • 1 pompom -40cm – vintage rose
  • 1 star lantern 60cm – vintage rose
  • 1 paperfan – 53cm – vanilla
  • 1 paperfan – 45cm- turquoise dream
  • 1 paper lantern – 20cm – vintage rose
  • 1 pompom – 25cm – summeur peach
  • 1 accordion lantern -30cm – green chic
  • 2 paperfans – 35cm – frosted mint
  • 2 paperfans-  35cm – pretty in pink
  • 1 paper lantern – 15cm – cumulus grey

Décoration dans les tons verts, roses, crème et gris

For the small pink cluster, one unique hook is enough, placed in the angle of the room. You will suspend your elements one by one, by beginning with the chevron paper lantern and ending with the biggest pompom to hide the hook on top:

  • 1 pompom – 40cm – fuchsia Ohlala
  • 2 eyelet lanterns- 20cm – cherry blossom
  • 1 paper lantern -20cm – feather blue
  • 1 chevron paper lantern-35cm – rose blush

Décoration dans les tons verts, roses, crème et gris

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paper lanterns in kids nursery

We’re dying over this colorful cloud of paper lanterns in little Louise’s nursery, designed by interior decorator Estelle Williot.

To gather your paper decorations in a very tight cluster, you can use several small hooks and fine white thread or fishing line. You can start by hanging big items at various heights then the smaller lanterns. Fill in the gaps with pompoms and honeycomb balls.

These are the paper lanterns and decorations used:

  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – latté
  • 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – latté
  • 1 pompom -40cm- vintage rose
  • 1 pompom -40cm- vanilla cream
  • 1 pompom -40cm- turquoise
  • 2 accordion lanterns -20cm rose blush
  • 1 accordion lantern -30cm rose blush
  • 2 accordion lanterns  – 20cm – vintage rose
  • 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – vintage rose
  • 1 honeycomb ball – 30 cm – aquatic
  • 1 honeycomb ball- 20 cm – frosted mint
  • 1 honeycomb ball- 30 cm – frosted mint
  • 1 honeycomb ball – 20 cm – aquatic
  • 1 honeycomb ball – 20 cm – pretty in pink
  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – iced blue
  • 1 paper lantern -35cm – peach sherbet

Customize this combo with your own colors!

Une chambre d'enfant décorée d'un nuage de lampions colorés

paper lanterns in kids nursery

paper lanterns in kids nursery

colorful and original kids nursery

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beauty salon decor

If you want, like Rebecca, to bring a touch of color to your store or beauty salon, paper lanterns are a great way to decorate. And we are always here to help if you need some advice!
Here is a selection of products used for this paper lanterns garland:

  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – Rose blush
  • 1 accordion lantern  – 20cm – white
  • 1 accordion lantern  – 30cm – Rose blush
  • 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – white
  • 1 accordion lantern  – 20cm – peach sherbet
  • 1 accordion lantern  – 30cm – peach sherbet
  • 1 paper lantern- 35cm – watercolor green
  • 1 paper lantern – 35cm – New bora blue
  • 1 paper lantern – 20cm – watercolor green
  • 1 paper lantern – 20cm – New bora blue
  • 1 Pompom- 40cm – white
  • 1 Pompom – 40cm – Fuchsia ohlala
  • 1 Pompom – 40cm – summer peach

Make sure to adapt your grouping of paper lanterns to the space you have or to the size of your window shop.

beauty salon decor

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décoration d'anniversaire colorée pour petits et grands

Here is a colorful and easy idea for any birthday party! For Cassandre’s birthday, a bunch of bright colors accordion paper lanterns were simply hung over the table. We love the contrast between the chic black and white interior, and the burst of colors.

Want a similar kind of decor for your next event? Easy! This is your shopping list:
– 1 accordion paper lantern oh yellow 30cm
– 2 accordion paper lanterns oh yellow 20cm
– 2 accordion paper lanterns electric pink 20cm
– 1 accordion paper lantern electric pink 30cm
– 1 accordion paper lantern celadon 20cm

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Beautiful wedding decoration in mint and peach

One of our go-to color palette for your spring/summer wedding, of for any other party (baby shower, birthday parties, barbecues …): peach and mint hues with a dash of white.

And here’s a tip to easily create a gorgeous grouping of lanterns to hang on your venue ceiling.

Once you have all your lanterns, assemble them and display them on the ground. According to the various shapes, sizes and colors, you’ll be able to compose a balanced and harmonious sky of paper lanterns. It will be then easier to hang them to the strings attached on the ceiling. 

For a gorgeous paper lanterns sky like this one, use the following products from our boutique :

  • accordion lantern -20cm- peach daiquiri
  • accordion lantern -30cm – peach daiquiri
  • accordion lantern -20cm- white
  • accordion lantern -30cm – white
  • accordion lantern -20cm- mint bubble
  • accordion lantern -30cm – mint bubble
  • paper lantern -20cm – new bora blue
  • paper lantern -35cm – new bora blue
  • paper lantern -20cm – white
  • paper lantern -35cm – white
  • paper lantern -20cm – peach sherbet
  • paper lantern -35cm – peach sherbet
  • pompoms – 25cm – summer peach
  • pompoms -40cm – summer peach
  • pompoms -25cm – mint bubble
  • pompoms -40cm – mint bubble
  • pompoms -25cm – white
  • pompoms -40cm – white

Beautiful wedding decoration in mint and peach, sky of lanterns and pompoms Beautiful wedding decoration in mint and peach, sky of lanterns and pompoms Beautiful wedding decoration in mint and peach, sky of lanterns and pompoms Beautiful wedding decoration in mint and peach, sky of lanterns and pompoms Beautiful wedding decoration in mint and peach, sky of lanterns and pompoms Beautiful wedding decoration in mint and peach, sky of lanterns and pompoms Beautiful wedding decoration in mint and peach, sky of lanterns and pompoms

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If you want a pretty and affordable way to decorate your store window, go ahead for our paper lanterns, paper pompoms and other paper decorations. They are easy to hang and create a dramatic effect on budget. A length of fishing line or twine and you will wow your customers for sure!   

If you want to create something similar to this, shop the following items in our boutique:  

  • 1 Honeycomb fan – 53cm – Vitamine pink
  • 1 Paper fan – 45cm – Frosted mint
  • 1 Paper fan – 35cm – Frosted mint
  • 1 Accordion lantern – 30cm – ice cube
  • 2 paper lantern -15cm – bora blue
  • 1 paper lantern -15cm – watercolor green
  • 2 mini honeycomb balls -12cm – Ho ho red

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Our new stars lanterns joined our boutique, just in time to decorate your houses for the year’s end celebrations.

Two shapes are now on available, 5-points stars lanterns and points polar stars. Trendy pastels hues (vintage rose and mint bubble) and more traditional colors for magic decor (white and silver metallic).

For this table we tightened fishing thread and hung stars up, but you can also use them in a cluster with paper lanterns and pompoms (you can see many examples on this blog).

Stars are a simple decoration but usually create great effect in your interior!

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A very happy birthday to baby Marceau and congrats to his mom for this super cute décor!
This cosy corner is a great idea not only for a birthday bash but also for your kids’ room or playroom, or even for your living room.1 honeycomb ball – 30 cm – frosted mint
Here are the paper lanterns that you need from our store to create this grouping of lanterns:

  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – silver grey
  • 1 paper lantern – 15cm – Vintage rose
  • 2 honeycomb drops – 12,5cm – pretty in pink
  • 1 paper lanterns – 15cm – watercolor green
  • 1 eyelet lantern – 35cm – retro chic
  • 1 chevron paper lantern – 35cm – cumulus grey
  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – Celadon


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Here comes the white wedding marquee with a colorful sky!

Like Apolline for her own wedding marquee, you can tighten some fine twine along the central edge of your marquee and hang a mix and match of forms and colors. All our paper lanterns have a small hook or a small string (for accordion lanterns, honeycomb balls, paper fans …) so that you can attach them easily. WOW effect guaranteed!  

Another great idea: use our paper fans for a colorful backdrop to the bride and groom’s table. 

To create this sky of lanterns,  you will need the following products:

  • Pompoms – 40 cm – Meringue
  • Pompoms – 40 cm – Happy pink
  • Honeycomb ball – 30 cm – Vitamine pink
  • Honeycomb ball – 30cm – frosted mint
  • Paperfan – 53cm – vitamine pink
  • Paperfan – 35cm – Peach smoothie
  • Paperfan – 45cm – Peach smoothie
  • Paperfan – 68cm – Frosted mint
  • Honeycomb diamont – 30cm – frosted mint
  • Paper lantern – 66cm – Rose Blush
  • Paper lantern – 66cm – Corail lipstick

sous-le-lampion-apolline2sous-le-lampion-apolline1  sous-le-lampion-apolline (c)Laboheme-phographe.com

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What a lovely decor for a baby girl’s nursery! Thanks to her mum who knew how to associate a graphic wallpaper and a colorful cluster of lanterns. The result is brilliant!

To do this cluster, you can choose in our boutique the following items:

– Honeycomb ball – 30 cm – frosted mint
– Accordion lantern – 20cm – vintage rose
– Paperfan – 45cm – frosted mint
– Pompom- 40 cm – white
– Paper lantern – 15cm – Rose blush
– Paper lantern – 15cm – watercolor green
– Accordion lantern – 30cm – Rose blush

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