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ictures: Sara Parsons

How cute is this sweet little kitten party for Lila’s 8th birthday?!
What a great color palette, sweet but not too girlie. PERFECT

A great idea to borrow? Hanging a long paper lanterns garland to the top of a window for a gorgeous soft glow.

To create a similar decoration, you need the following paper lanterns:

Paper lanterns 35cm – vintage rose and latté
Accordion paper lanterns 20cm and 30cm – white and celadon
Paper Pompom Pompon en papier café au lait and sugar rose
Paper lanterns 20cm – Hazel
Paper lanterns 15cm – white






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(c)Julie Abreu – photography

Bright colors and happy shapes: the Happy Times paper lanterns kit is now available in our boutique in limited edition. So let the party begin!

This new paper lanterns combo will be perfect to decorate your garden, your picnic, your balcony.

You just need to hang the different lanterns with the included twine and voila!  


(c)Julie Abreu – photography

You can find all our paper lanterns kits in our boutique!

sous-le-lampion-popparty(c)Julie Abreu – photography

Please welcome “Pop Party”, our new paper lanterns kit especially designed to brighten your next birthday party, dinner with friends and any other celebration!  

Talented photographer Julie Abreu treated us with some amazing pictures of our newbie! 

This kit contains a group of paper lanterns and pompoms.  We have also add for you an hook & nail and string to hang the lanterns.

sous-le-lampion-popparty2(c)Julie Abreu – photographysous-le-lampion-popparty3(c)Julie Abreu – photography

You can find all our new kits in our boutique!

sous-le-lampion-Nathan(c)Under the paper Lantern

The lantern and Lampion family is pleased to announce our newest members: Zoé and Nathan! Perfect to decorate your children’s room or to make an original and special gift, for a really sweet price!

2 super cute sets of paper lanterns, including all you need to create a beautiful cluster.

Each kit includes: a selection of paper lanterns/pompoms etc, a small picture hook (and nail) as well as some string for hanging. We also added some easy instructions to set up your décor.

sous-le-lampion-zoe (c)Julie Abreu – photography


You can find all our new kits in our boutique!