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Check out Marlène’s great idea for her daughter’s bedroom! We just love the lanterns, lampions and stars like a constellation over the bed.

You just need to get small hooks for the ceiling (the auto adhesive hooks a great) and strong twine or fishing wire.

Lanterns selection :

– 1 star lantern 60cm – vintage rose

– 2 accordion lanterns -20cm -rose blush

– 2 accordion lanterns  -20cm – rose vintage

– 3 paper lanterns – baby- white

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm – white

– 2 paper lanterns -chevron – 35cm – blush rose


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C) Pedro Bellido

You know it already, there are thousands of ways of using our lanterns to decorate your wedding or party venue. These days we are all about grouping lanterns, poms and other honeycomb balls in several points of your ceiling, whether you celebrate under a tent, marquee or any other kind of space.
This décor created by the excellent  Nabie event planning plays on contrast between dark wood and pop colors !

To create a similar grouping, use accordion lanterns 30cm Electric Pink, paper poms in Sugar Pink, accordion paper lanterns 20cm in Profound Turquoise, honeycomb balls 30cm Peach Smoothie, Frosted Mint and 20cm Frosted Mint and Powder Pink.

You can buy all our products in our Store !


1  (C) Lantern and Lampion

This year we’re celebrating Spring a bit ahead of time ! Let’s hang some paper lanterns and set a colorful breakfast table for 2 !
To create a similar pastel paper lanterns grouping, we used 4 pieces of fishing line and hung accordion lanterns in sizes 20cm and 30cm, as well as paper lanterns in 35cm and 20cm, some eyelet.
Our tip: to fix fishing line for this ceiling structure use everything you can in the room (ie a hook on your window frame). Or you can also nail little picture hooks at the top of your walls.

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Our new honeycomb balls in tiny size (12cm) are now available in the store !

They are so cute grouped with other lanterns, and also perfect for all your pop DIY projects…

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sous-le-lampion-4 (C) Cybèle Desarnauts

For our new collection we have decorated a little buffet for a ” best day ” under a sky of lanterns in various colors, eyelet and sizes.

The photographer Cybèle Desarnauts pleased us to capture this scene.

To realise this sky, we tightened several fishing lines and hung various sizes of the lanterns on. A good idea if you have a low budget and wish to decorate only a part of your wedding, for example above a cocktail buffet,… etc.

– 5  paper lanterns- 35cm – white

– 1 paper lantern – 20cm – white

– 2 eyelet lanterns – 35cm – white

– 2 eyelet lanterns –  20cm- white

– 2 paper lanterns – 35cm – iced melon

– 1 paper lantern  – 20cm – iced melon

– 1 paper lantern – 20cm- retro chic

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm- retro chic

– 1 eyelet lanterns – 35cm- retro chic

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm- poudre soleil

– 1 paper lantern- 20cm- poudre soleil

– 1 eyelet lantern – 20cm- cumulus grey

sous-le-lampion-2(C) Cybèle Desarnautssous-le-lampion-3(C) Cybèle Desarnautssous-le-lampion-5(C) Cybèle Desarnautssous-le-lampion-6(C) Cybèle Desarnautssous-le-lampion-7(C) Cybèle Desarnautssous-le-lampion-1(C) Cybèle Desarnauts

Cake toper et little flags: Pelemele on Etsy
Table cloth et vase: Zara Home
Headband flowers satin: Maison Guillemette

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How happy we are to share with you Guili Gribouilli‘s creations, bed linen and decoration for children, among paper fan, accordion lantern and honeycomb balls.

Colorful décor for happy babies!

– 1 honeycomb paper fan – 53cm- white

– 1 honeycomb paper fan – 53cm – peach smoothie

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – vintage rose

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm- watermelon hues

SLL-Guili-gribouilli 4SLL-Guili-gribouilli  SLL-Guili-gribouilli-3

– 1 paper fan- 45cm- profound turquoise

– 1 honeycomb fan- 53cm – white

– 1 boule en papier alvéolé – 20cm – frosted mint

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – ice cube

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – profound turquoise

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