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Photo: Studio Sous-Sol

You often asked us about it, and they are finally available, the paper lanterns kits !
3 cute sets of paper lanterns, including all you need to create a beautiful cluster.

Each kit includes: a selection of paper lanterns/pompoms etc, a small picture hook (and nail) as well as some string for hanging. We also added some easy instructions to set up your décor.

So here they are, JO (silver and aqua colors), EMMA (romantic shades of pink and white) and SUZANNE (all natural and powdered hues).

The kits are available now, and we believe they would make the perfect christmas present, don’t you ? Did we mention their price were super sweet ?






photo Simone




(C)Lantern and Lampion

We’re So happy to introduce our new eyelet paper lanterns !  Their lace aspect is above chic…

They will bring magic and style to your holidays decor.
We designed subtle shades of grey, pinkish beige, light pink and white.

You can create a beautiful sky of paper lanterns, with various sizes and colors. The easiest way is to use fishing line that you fix wherever you can, hooks, beams, windows etc. to create a structure from which you will be able to hang your lanterns.

Check out our new eyelet lanterns in our Christmas selection !





C) Lantern and Lampion

And here’s a new series of hopefully inspiring pictures, featuring some of our new products. Accordion and regular paper lanterns in a beautiful shade of copper (our all-time favorite) and a super-chic tone of green.

To make this cluster, you need twine, 20 minutes and the following products:

– 2 paper lanterns – baby- silky bronzer

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm- silky bronzer

–  1 accordion lantern – 20cm – marron glacé

– 2 accordion lanterns – 30cm – marron glacé

– 2 accordion lanterns – 20cm – chic green

All these lanternes are available in our Christmas selection: shop now !





All our new products are available in our boutique 

(C) Cybéle Desarnauts for Lantern and Lampion  

Our Christmas shop is now online on
We’ve selected for your holiday parties and home festive décor our cutest paper lanterns and most stylish hues. Check this out now !

And we have new tassel garlands in limited edition ! We came up with pretty color palettes called Winter princess, Poem, Woodland, Sweet macaron, and Eyeshadow….

So here are some pictures of a winter buffet we created for you. And our heart goes boom for this picture of the candlelight buffet ! Hope they will inspire you….

For the paper lanterns cluster over the buffet we used:

– 2 accordion lanterns – 20cm – white

– 2 accordion lanterns – 20cm – silver grey

– 2  accordion lanterns – 30cm – silver grey

– 2 paper lanterns – baby – white

– 2 paper lanterns – baby – silver star 

– 2 honeycomb drops – 12,5cm – cumulus grey

Assembly tip: to create this cluster, you simply need to take twine and layer the lanterns so they cover the twine. Fill out any empty space with smaller items like drops. 

Stay tuned for more new products coming to our boutique this week !

c e

a d

f g




Anne-Sophie from Cortège d’anges dress her little flower girls and ring bearers under our lanterns and paper stars. Colors and shapes can be adapted to your own celebration.
You can also reproduce this nice decor for your D Day.
Anne-Sophie, we wish you a lot of success with your little angels!

All products are available in our boutique 


Ilana-Atlan Illana-Atlan-2

A smart and retro wedding deco under our lanterns.  A really nice idea for your photo booth corner.

– paper pompom sugar rose

– accordion lanterns in vintage rose et latté 

– honeycomb ball white in 20cm

– paper fan pretty in pink 45cm

If  you’ve got married under our lanterns and lampions, share with us your nice pics! ( )

All products are available in our boutique 



Welcome to little Marius’s room. Just above his bed, a cool cluster in soft tones of blue, beige and white.

To create it, you will need:

1 star lantern in white

1 accordion lantern – 30cm – latté

2 accordion lanterns – 20cm latté

– 1 honeycomb ball – 30cm – white

– 2 paper lanterns – baby- sugar blue


All products are available in our boutique 


Elements, Deli&Restaurant in Germany has chosen our paper lanterns to decorate its interior. A beautiful mix of blue, grey, green and white paper-lanterns.

Do not hesitate to choose different sizes of lanterns to create a colorful ceiling like this one. It’s great, thank you!

– Paper lanterns -35cm -cumulus grey

– Paper lanterns – 50cm- cumulus grey

– Paper lanterns – 50cm – Green tea

– Paper lanterns -35cm -watercolor green

– Paper lanterns baby- cumulus grey

– Paper lanterns baby – watercolor green

– Accordion lantern -20cm – silver grey

– Paper lanterns – 35cm – santorini blue

– Paper lanterns -35cm -bora blue

– Accordion lantern -20cm – profound turquoise

All products are available in our boutique