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A little blue, brown and white babyboy bedroom, thanks to Perrine’ pictures.

In the opposite corner of the room, she just hang a pair of Star Lanterns. Nice ideas, we like it!

To create this atmosphere, you will need:

 1 Honeycomb ball -30cm – aquatic

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – white

– 1 paper lantern – 30cm – bleu Santorini blue

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm -sugar blue

1 accordion lantern – 20cm –  prodound Turquoise

– 1  paper lantern  – baby – white 


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We would like to thanks Justine, Lauranne and Marine for their creativity and their colorful arrangements.

We also want to thank all of you for sharing with us your beautiful decors.

Justine-Godard-2 Lauranne-Kaye Marine-Bonhomme Marine-Bonhomme-2


laetitia-1 Laetitia-2 laetitia---3



Laetitia shares with us her beautiful decoration for her wedding!

For this cluster of lanterns, here are the products you need:

– 2 accordion lanterns – 30cm- lemongrass

– 3 accordion lanterns – 30cm- watermelon hues

– 1 paper lantern- 35cm – watercolor green

– 2 paper lanterns – 35cm – sugar blue

– 1 paper lantern -35cm –  cumulus grey

– 2 paper lanterns – 35cm – vintage rose

– 3 paper lanterns – 35 – sweetheart red

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm – mango sorbet

-1 accordion lantern – 30cm- whhite

-1 accordion lantern – 30cm – Latté

– 2 accordion lanterns – 30cm – vintage rose


And: 2 Paper Fans – 45cm in Cumulus Grey and White colors

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Capucine (Capucine Atelier Floral) shows us a really nice idea of pink, white and beige color to decorate your wedding cocktail.


To do so, you will need:

– 2 paperfan – 45cm – pretty in pink

– 2 paper lanterns – 35cm – white

– 2 accordion lantern – 20cm – Latté

 1  accordion lantern – 30cm – Latté

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm- white

2 accordion lantern – 20cm – rose vintage

2 accordion lantern – 30cm – rose vintage


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Virginie Craft Room

Following the girly trend of the week, here comes Virginie’Craft Room: a perfect mix of pink and grey to match with her desk. Love’it!

If you want to work or create under the lanterns, you will need:

– 1 paper fan – 45cm – pretty in pink 

 1  pompom –  40cm – white 

– 1 pompom  – 40cm- sugar rose 

– 1 accordeon lantern- 30cm- silver grey 

– 1 honeycomb ball – 30cm -pretty in pink 

– 1 paper lantern baby – 15cm – silver star 

– 1 paper lantern baby – 15cm-rose macaroon 

All products are available in our boutique 



Maud joined our team a few weeks ago, and we are so happy ! You will probably hear from her, regarding your questions on the boutique, your orders or if you need styling advice.
Maud is a cool mum of 2 little girls so she is the go-to person if you need ideas for a girly theme party, Frozen, Hello Kitty etc. !!

Welcome Maud !


Delphine just had this brilliant idea of reusing her daughters christening’ lanterns and lampions to create a cosy-girly ambiance for her studio.

Well done, it’s beautiful!

To create this lovely pink cluster, she has used the following products:

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm- rose blush

– 2 honeycomb ball – 20cm – white

–  1 honeycomb fan – 53cm- white

– 1 paper fan – 45cm – pretty in pink

– 2 paper pompoms – 40cm – happy pink


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Elodie put together a beautiful cluster of paper lanterns, in bright shades of grey and blue. Together with a contemporary lamp, our lanterns bring a festive look to little Justin’s room. Love it !

Thank you Elodie!

For this decor you will need,
1 star lantern silver grey
1 accordion paper lantern 30cm ice cube
1 accordion paper lantern 20cm ice cube
1 honeycomb ball 20cm white
1 honeycomb ball 20cm cumulus grey
1 baby paper lantern santorini blue
1 baby paper lantern santorini white
1 flags garland blue dream

||| Need some guidance to hang our lanterns ? Check this out !  |||