(C) You may love it

Summer is almost over, to cheer everyone up, I am sharing some pictures of an amazing event organised by  Lov Organic (if you dont know they brand already, the make the most delicious, colorful and organic teas ever — check this out). Old parisian building and lush gardens, and our colorful lanterns beautifully put together by the most talented event designer Amelia !

A poetic mix and match of vintage rose, ash blue, latté, gold & glam

(C) You may love it

Some great ideas for your next garden fête or your 2015 wedding…

A huge thank you to Lauriane  (her blog, You may love it, is html candy!) and Laetitia (check out her amazing blog now ! Eleusis & Megara) for their exquisite pictures.

(C) Eleusis & Megara


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