How to decorate a birthday party when your interior is already so stylish ?! Well, you could follow what Kikoc did for her birthday celebration in a beautiful apartment in Stockholm.
A paper lanterns chandelier hung to the ceiling and to the wall, and few paper lanterns, honeycomb balls and accordion paper lanterns simply put on the floor, and voila !! Stylish, contemporary and FUN

Thanks Kikoc it’s oh-so-pretty

For the paper lanterns chandelier:

– 2x Paper lantern – 35cm – Pretty coral
– 1x Paper lantern – 35cm – Latté
– 1x Paper lantern – 35cm – Grey little mouse
– 2x Paper pompom – 40cm – Macchiato
– 1x Paper lantern – 35cm – White
– 2x Accordion lantern – 20cm – Vintage rose



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