Composition murale pêche, crême et blanche de lampions, lanternes et pomponsWelcome to the new kit Camille with its peach and lace off-white tones for a cute boho vibe.

This beautiful cluster will find a place in your kid’s bedroom, in your workshop studio or in your office. It is also a great gift for a future baby.

You can redo the same cluster on the wall or personalise it, according to your wishes.

kit de lampions dans des couleurs chaudes pour votre déco de maison

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Pastel palette nursery decor

Huge crush for this paper lanterns chandelier designed by Estelle Williot.

Here are some tips if you want to recreate the same in your home:

  • Hang first the biggest paper lantern 35cm or 50cm. You can use an electric frame with bulb to hang it (can be found at IKEA or DIY stores). Make sure to place the bulb in the very center of the lantern for safety reasons.
  • Use the mall hook in “c” shape  at the top of the lantern’s metallic structure to secure the electric cord. Only the central lantern can be lit. Do not hang all the other paper lanterns on the electric frame. It is better to use small hooks screwed directly in the ceiling (or strong tape for the small items).
  • Use fishing line. It is transparent and you can easily adjust the string.

Here are the lanterns used for this chandelier, that you can find in our boutique:

  • 1 accordion lantern- 30cm – vintage rose
  • 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – vintage rose
  • 1 star lantern -60cm – white
  • 1 paper lantern – 35cm ou 50cm – iced melon
  • 3 pompoms – 40cm – vanilla cream
  • 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – rose blush
  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – rose blush
  • 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – new yellow
  • 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – new yellow

Pastel palette nursery decor

Powder palette nursery decor

More beautiful paper lanterns to decorate your girl’s bedroom in our boutique!

paper flowers backdrop

We’ve have created a special party backdrop with our delicate paper tissue pompoms.
Just perfect for an intimate wedding ceremony, a baby shower or a sweet birthday party. 

We used the following paper pompoms for this paper flowers backdrop: 

  • 4 pompoms – 40cm – vintage rose
  • 2 pompoms – 40cm – white
  • 1 pompom– 40cm – summer peach
  • 2 pompoms – 25cm – vanilla cream
  • 1 pompoms – 25cm – vintage rose
  • 1 pompom – 25cm – white
  • 1 pompom – 25cm- summer peach

You can mix all the colors!  Here are some advice to create the flowers and hang them:

  • Assemble one big and one small pompom
  • Fluff only one side of the bigger pompom so that you can hang it on a wall 
  • Same thing for the smaller one to be placed in the center of the bigger pompom
  • Fix the small pompom to the big pompom with its little string.
  • Hang your flower on the wall with the biggest pompom’s string.
  • Use a small hook or masking-tape to fix the string on the wall

paper flowers backdrop paper flowers backdrop paper flowers backdrop paper flowers backdrop

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kit tipi

We have a new ready to hang paper lanterns kit, the TIPI kit which is a perfect gift idea at a very reasonable price!

It will complete your boys’ playroom decor like a charm… and it’s a cute present to put under the Christmas tree.

The kit includes a set of accordion paper lanterns, star lantern and paper lanterns and a length of string to hang on a teepee, kids’ tent or even bunk beds.
You can also hang these on the wall!

s - ambiances_344_bis

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Ok now that’s the perfect Christmas gift for a future mom, or a great baby shower present for anyone expecting a baby girl. Our new paper lanterns kit LOUISE with its soft shades of light pink and white is totally romantic and shabby chic.  Like the rest of our paper lanterns kits range, this kit includes paper lanterns, a length of twine and hook + nail for hanging. And if you still have doubts regarding how to easily hang paper lanterns to the wall, here’s a quick 101 to help you. 



In gorgeous shades of pink, pinky peach and sligthly metallic purple, the paper lanterns kit AVA is also now available in our boutique. It is pretty and super in trend. Perfect also for your teen girl boudoir. A great and affordable deco gift idea… 




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ictures: Sara Parsons

How cute is this sweet little kitten party for Lila’s 8th birthday?!
What a great color palette, sweet but not too girlie. PERFECT

A great idea to borrow? Hanging a long paper lanterns garland to the top of a window for a gorgeous soft glow.

To create a similar decoration, you need the following paper lanterns:

Paper lanterns 35cm – vintage rose and latté
Accordion paper lanterns 20cm and 30cm – white and celadon
Paper Pompom Pompon en papier café au lait and sugar rose
Paper lanterns 20cm – Hazel
Paper lanterns 15cm – white






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The Maison POIRAY has recently opened a boutique exclusively dedicated to future brides and grooms.

A pastel shades boudoir, beautifully decorated with our accordion lanterns, paperfans and pompoms, in a soft color palette.

To create this decor. the following were used:

– Paperfan – 45cm – white
– Pompom – 40 cm – Meringue
– Pompom- 40 cm – white
– Honeycomb ball – Maxi – 35 cm – white
– Honeycomb fan – 53cm – white
– Honeycomb ball – 30 cm – Vanilla
– Accordion lantern – 20cm – Latté
– Accordion lantern – 30cm – white
– Honeycomb fan – 53cm – Vanilla
– Pompom – 40 cm – café au lait




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We never get tired of this color palette !

Simple and joyful, it will be perfect for your wedding, a baby shower or a springy lunch. Even when the sun sets, there’s magic in the air.

We used our colors shell pink and vintage rose for the accordion lanterns, grey little house for the lanterns, and white for the eyelet lanterns.

Shop in our boutique for a similar look !

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1  (C) Lantern and Lampion

This year we’re celebrating Spring a bit ahead of time ! Let’s hang some paper lanterns and set a colorful breakfast table for 2 !
To create a similar pastel paper lanterns grouping, we used 4 pieces of fishing line and hung accordion lanterns in sizes 20cm and 30cm, as well as paper lanterns in 35cm and 20cm, some eyelet.
Our tip: to fix fishing line for this ceiling structure use everything you can in the room (ie a hook on your window frame). Or you can also nail little picture hooks at the top of your walls.

You will find all used products in the store NOW  !


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