colorful backdrop for party
C) Studio Sous Sol for Sous Le Lampion

GUYS! This party backdrop though! Here is one of favorite set-ups of the season. A super pretty backdrop for any party, with paper lanterns and pompoms, hung on the wall, like a fairy cloud. A dreamy piece of decor which will be ideal for a kids birthday bash, a baby shower or a wedding. 

If you want the exact same grouping of lanterns, choose the following from our boutique:

  • 1 star ballon – 50cm – Silver
  • 2 accordion lanterns – 30cm – lavender mist
  • 3 accordion lanterns- 20cm – lavender mist
  • 2 accordion lanterns – 30cm – electric pink
  • 3 accordion lanterns – 20cm – electric pink
  • 2 accordion lanterns- 30cm – ice cube
  • 3 honeycomb balls  – 20cm – ice cube
  • 2 honeycomb balls – 20cm – new yellow
  • 1 honeycomb balls  – 30cm – new yellow
  • 2 honeycomb balls  – 20cm – vitamine pink
  • 1 honeycomb balls  – 12cm – vitamine pink
  • 2 honeycomb balls  – 12cm – pacman yellow
  • 1 pompom –  40cm – buttercup
  • 1 pompom – 25cm – buttercup
  • 1 pompom – fuchsia Oh la la
  • 1 pompom – 25cm – fuchsia Oh la la
  • 1 chevron paper lantern – 35cm – blush rose
  • 2 paper lanterns -15cm – hello sunshine
  • 2 paper lanterns – 35cm – new bora blue
  • 1 paper lantern – 15cm – new bora blue

You can also keep the quantities and change the colors to adapt the grouping to your own event palette.

As for the installation, we used 5 nails and fishing line to hang the lanterns at different heights. We then filled in the blanks with small lanterns and pompoms. It will take a good hour to set up… but that’s worth the try right? 


colorful backdrop for party

mur de lampions multicolors pour vos fêtes mur de lampions multicolors pour vos fêtesmur de lampions multicolors pour vos fêtes

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For a huge dose of vitamine and to start the new year with joy and hapiness, here’s an idea for your New Year’s Eve decor!!!

To decorate your bar area, or your dinner table, you just have to tighten 2 lengths of twine or fishing thread and hang up some lanterns, accordion lanterns, honeycomb balls and pompoms. We added a touch of light with our new small silver star balloon.

You can also create 2 guarlands with fishing twine and hang your lanterns and pompoms up to a window or a bay window. For a great result, all you need to think about is lots of different shapes, sizes and colors!

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Décoration de réveillon aux couleurs flashy

Décoration de réveillon aux couleurs flashy

Décoration de réveillon aux couleurs flashy

Décoration de réveillon aux couleurs flashy


Décoration de réveillon aux couleurs flashy



Décoration de réveillon aux couleurs flashy



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sous-le-lampion-popparty(c)Julie Abreu – photography

Please welcome “Pop Party”, our new paper lanterns kit especially designed to brighten your next birthday party, dinner with friends and any other celebration!  

Talented photographer Julie Abreu treated us with some amazing pictures of our newbie! 

This kit contains a group of paper lanterns and pompoms.  We have also add for you an hook & nail and string to hang the lanterns.

sous-le-lampion-popparty2(c)Julie Abreu – photographysous-le-lampion-popparty3(c)Julie Abreu – photography

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It is time to set up a gorgeous sky of paper lanterns in your garden… it is beautiful and easy to achieve.

Perfect for any events, from a wedding to a simple dinner party with friends. The easiest way will be to stretch and attach fishing wire or solid twine and create like a spider net between trees on which you will be able to easily hang the paper elements.

Think about the height when you hang the whole cluster so that your guests can drink and dance easily without having to bend !

You can then choose your colors in our boutique and mix and match paper lanterns, accordion lanterns and pompoms or one single type of products and play with different sizes and length to attach them.

If you want to reproduce the same sky for your own event, you will need:

– 2 paper lanterns -50 cm – white

– 2 eyelet lanterns – 50cm – white

– 1 eyelet lantern – 20cm – white

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm – la mer

– 1 paperlantern – 20cm – la mer

– 4 paper lantern  -35cm rose blush

– 3 accordion lanterns – 20cm – vintage rose

– 1 honeycomb ball – 30cm – white

– 2 accordion lanterns -20cm – rose blush

– 1 paper lantern -15cm -rose blush

– 1 paper lantern -15cm – vintage rose

sous-le-lampion-2 sous-le-lampion-3

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A great party for little Hadrien who just turned 3 – what a great color palette !

Graphic and chic, with our star lanterns and accordion lanterns bringing an additional pop of color.
Of course the cake is to die for !

You can find our accordion lanterns in profound turquoise and ice cube, our star lanterns and our bora blue paper lanterns in the store !

sous-le-lampion-hadrien-2 sous-le-lampion-hadrien-1 sous-le-lampion-hadrien-4

(C) Cybèle Desarnauts

Yes, we did fall for the lilac, aqua and silver color scheme (under the “Let it go, let it go” influence we guess !)… and we came up with a nice birthday/ tea party set up ! Tested by little girls who definitely went for it with big “wowwwws” and “prettyyyyy!”.

We had fun with accordion paper lanterns 30cm in white and ice cube colors, a honeycomb ball 35cm in white, and a white pompom. And to give a fun finish to the grouping, we masking-taped one of our tassel garlands under it.
Oh, and writing something on the wall with bright masking tape is always a must !

Have fun !

Products used are available in our store !  
11 10   7  5 4 3 2

(C)Lantern and Lampion

We’re So happy to introduce our new eyelet paper lanterns !  Their lace aspect is above chic…

They will bring magic and style to your holidays decor.
We designed subtle shades of grey, pinkish beige, light pink and white.

You can create a beautiful sky of paper lanterns, with various sizes and colors. The easiest way is to use fishing line that you fix wherever you can, hooks, beams, windows etc. to create a structure from which you will be able to hang your lanterns.

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(C) You may love it

Summer is almost over, to cheer everyone up, I am sharing some pictures of an amazing event organised by  Lov Organic (if you dont know they brand already, the make the most delicious, colorful and organic teas ever — check this out). Old parisian building and lush gardens, and our colorful lanterns beautifully put together by the most talented event designer Amelia !

A poetic mix and match of vintage rose, ash blue, latté, gold & glam

(C) You may love it

Some great ideas for your next garden fête or your 2015 wedding…

A huge thank you to Lauriane  (her blog, You may love it, is html candy!) and Laetitia (check out her amazing blog now ! Eleusis & Megara) for their exquisite pictures.

(C) Eleusis & Megara



OMG, are you ready for something so beautiful, so crazy, so sweet and so full of lanterns you want to cry ??

Who do we thank for this dream ? Amélia and Paul, the two genius masters of Paris-pased Nymphea’s Factory, who design, bake, cook, and set up the most amazing sweet tables and buffet you have ever seen, the most charming parties ever.

And this Easter sweet table is the perfect example of how creative and talented these two are.
By the way, we are totally screaming for the pretty dress of Amélia (Violette Tannenbaum)!

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a   c



e  g

C) Studio Sous-Sol

Happy birthday to us ! Today, with many pastel colors and touches of neon colors (because this match perfectly together) and a beautiful cake made by Emily of  Partylicious (MERCI).

We are happy to be here with you for 2 years now ! Yeepee