Ok now that’s the perfect Christmas gift for a future mom, or a great baby shower present for anyone expecting a baby girl. Our new paper lanterns kit LOUISE with its soft shades of light pink and white is totally romantic and shabby chic.  Like the rest of our paper lanterns kits range, this kit includes paper lanterns, a length of twine and hook + nail for hanging. And if you still have doubts regarding how to easily hang paper lanterns to the wall, here’s a quick 101 to help you. 



In gorgeous shades of pink, pinky peach and sligthly metallic purple, the paper lanterns kit AVA is also now available in our boutique. It is pretty and super in trend. Perfect also for your teen girl boudoir. A great and affordable deco gift idea… 




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For whismical and pure Christmas decor… white and Nordic, but yet super cosy. White with hints of grey and silver. A cloud of paper lanterns and paper tissue pompoms over your holiday table, star lanterns in your hallway. A neutral palette for a magical end of the year.

Here’s what inspires us…


1. The Vintage Farmhouse 2. 3. Selina Lake 4.

In our store we’ve selected paper lanterns, pompoms and honeycomb balls for a perfect white Christmas. And here’s some more pictures to get inspired!







Each season, we create new colors for our paper lanterns range, to help you bring a little bit of pretty to each of your party, wedding or home decorations. Our colors are exclusive, your decor will be unique.

You can mix and match sizes (accordion lanterns in 20cm and 30cm) and colors, pastel, bright or neutral, to easily decorate your wedding venue, birthday bash, kids playroom or baby nursery. Wow effect guaranteed.  

Here are some of the accordion paper lanterns new colors you can find in our store.

lampions accordéons sous le lampionPeach daiquiri Lampion rougeRaspberry jamLampion rond - 30cm - AcaciaNew yellowcomposition de lampionsFrosted lilac

Lampions sous le lampionLavender mistLampions sous le lampionBaby bluelampions accordéons sous le lampionTea roseLampion menthe pour anniversaire ou chambre d'enfantMint bubble

sll-nouveaux-coloris-bleu  sll-nouveaux-coloris-vrac

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Here’s a great idea for a super easy super pretty table decor. Use our small sized paper pompoms to create a colorful centerpiece for your holiday table, a wedding buffet…

You just need to fluff our pompoms, and group them on your tabletop to create a colorful bloom that will delight your guests! And here’s another tip: hide a small battery operated light garland in the pompoms grouping for a magical effect when the sun goes down… 

Wether you feel like having a pastel party or a bright color fête, you will for sure find what you need in our paper pompoms collection!

2 3 4 6 7

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Our new stars lanterns joined our boutique, just in time to decorate your houses for the year’s end celebrations.

Two shapes are now on available, 5-points stars lanterns and points polar stars. Trendy pastels hues (vintage rose and mint bubble) and more traditional colors for magic decor (white and silver metallic).

For this table we tightened fishing thread and hung stars up, but you can also use them in a cluster with paper lanterns and pompoms (you can see many examples on this blog).

Stars are a simple decoration but usually create great effect in your interior!

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3 honeycomb paper balls in frosted mint  and aquatic are just perfect to emphasize your origami and create an original decor.

Thank you again Luz for yours pics and your superb idea.



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Are you ready for Christmas? Does your home look already festive and all ?

Here is for you a new idea to create a cosy atmosphere for Christmas.

To do it at home, you will need:

– 1 eyelet lantern- 35cm – white

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm- sweetheart red

– 1 eyelet lantern – 20cm – retro chic

– 1 paper lantern – 20cm – white

– 1 paper lantern – 20cm – silky bronzer

– 1 paper lantern – 20cm – sweetheart red

– 1 paper lantern- baby – silky bronzer

– 1 paper lantern- baby – sweetheart red

– 1 accordion lantern – 20cm – marron glacé

– 1 accordion lantern – 30cm – marron glacé

1292  5 61

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Photo: Studio Sous-Sol

You often asked us about it, and they are finally available, the paper lanterns kits !
3 cute sets of paper lanterns, including all you need to create a beautiful cluster.

Each kit includes: a selection of paper lanterns/pompoms etc, a small picture hook (and nail) as well as some string for hanging. We also added some easy instructions to set up your décor.

So here they are, JO (silver and aqua colors), EMMA (romantic shades of pink and white) and SUZANNE (all natural and powdered hues).

The kits are available now, and we believe they would make the perfect christmas present, don’t you ? Did we mention their price were super sweet ?






photo Simone




(C)Lantern and Lampion

We’re So happy to introduce our new eyelet paper lanterns !  Their lace aspect is above chic…

They will bring magic and style to your holidays decor.
We designed subtle shades of grey, pinkish beige, light pink and white.

You can create a beautiful sky of paper lanterns, with various sizes and colors. The easiest way is to use fishing line that you fix wherever you can, hooks, beams, windows etc. to create a structure from which you will be able to hang your lanterns.

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C) Lantern and Lampion

And here’s a new series of hopefully inspiring pictures, featuring some of our new products. Accordion and regular paper lanterns in a beautiful shade of copper (our all-time favorite) and a super-chic tone of green.

To make this cluster, you need twine, 20 minutes and the following products:

– 2 paper lanterns – baby- silky bronzer

– 1 paper lantern – 35cm- silky bronzer

–  1 accordion lantern – 20cm – marron glacé

– 2 accordion lanterns – 30cm – marron glacé

– 2 accordion lanterns – 20cm – chic green

All these lanternes are available in our Christmas selection: shop now !





All our new products are available in our boutique