party backdrop with paper fans

If you are getting married and are looking for a pretty idea to cover an sad piece of wall, or to create a fantastic backdrop for your Photo Booth, search no more and go for our colorful paper fans.

They are available in 4 sizes, plain or honeycomb styles, and in many colors. Super light, they are super easy to hang on the wall with their little string, with blu-tac or small nails.


For a similar wall, you need the following fans:

  • 5 honeycomb fans 53cm – peach smoothie, aquatic, frosted mint, cumulus grey, vanilla whipped cream
  • 6 paper fans 45cm – hello sunshine, aquatic, peach smoothie, navy, pretty in pink, vitamine pink.
  • 5 small fans 35cm – pretty in pink, cumulus grey, white, frosted mint vanilla whipped cream

Don’t forget to mix and match sizes, colors and types of fans!

And it works also very well to create a fun space in your home, kids bedroom or playroom.
In our store you can find many colors to create many different styles, pastel, bright or more neutral.


party backdrop with paper fans party backdrop with paper fans rosaces1

All our pretty paper fans for your party backdrop are available in our store! 

colorful backdrop for party
C) Studio Sous Sol for Sous Le Lampion

GUYS! This party backdrop though! Here is one of favorite set-ups of the season. A super pretty backdrop for any party, with paper lanterns and pompoms, hung on the wall, like a fairy cloud. A dreamy piece of decor which will be ideal for a kids birthday bash, a baby shower or a wedding. 

If you want the exact same grouping of lanterns, choose the following from our boutique:

  • 1 star ballon – 50cm – Silver
  • 2 accordion lanterns – 30cm – lavender mist
  • 3 accordion lanterns- 20cm – lavender mist
  • 2 accordion lanterns – 30cm – electric pink
  • 3 accordion lanterns – 20cm – electric pink
  • 2 accordion lanterns- 30cm – ice cube
  • 3 honeycomb balls  – 20cm – ice cube
  • 2 honeycomb balls – 20cm – new yellow
  • 1 honeycomb balls  – 30cm – new yellow
  • 2 honeycomb balls  – 20cm – vitamine pink
  • 1 honeycomb balls  – 12cm – vitamine pink
  • 2 honeycomb balls  – 12cm – pacman yellow
  • 1 pompom –  40cm – buttercup
  • 1 pompom – 25cm – buttercup
  • 1 pompom – fuchsia Oh la la
  • 1 pompom – 25cm – fuchsia Oh la la
  • 1 chevron paper lantern – 35cm – blush rose
  • 2 paper lanterns -15cm – hello sunshine
  • 2 paper lanterns – 35cm – new bora blue
  • 1 paper lantern – 15cm – new bora blue

You can also keep the quantities and change the colors to adapt the grouping to your own event palette.

As for the installation, we used 5 nails and fishing line to hang the lanterns at different heights. We then filled in the blanks with small lanterns and pompoms. It will take a good hour to set up… but that’s worth the try right? 


colorful backdrop for party

mur de lampions multicolors pour vos fêtes mur de lampions multicolors pour vos fêtesmur de lampions multicolors pour vos fêtes

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décoration d'anniversaire colorée pour petits et grands

Here is a colorful and easy idea for any birthday party! For Cassandre’s birthday, a bunch of bright colors accordion paper lanterns were simply hung over the table. We love the contrast between the chic black and white interior, and the burst of colors.

Want a similar kind of decor for your next event? Easy! This is your shopping list:
– 1 accordion paper lantern oh yellow 30cm
– 2 accordion paper lanterns oh yellow 20cm
– 2 accordion paper lanterns electric pink 20cm
– 1 accordion paper lantern electric pink 30cm
– 1 accordion paper lantern celadon 20cm

Visit our store to find the perfect paper lanterns for your parties! 

White and blue sky to decorate your wedding venue

That’s the kind of decoration which will not give you the blues (joke lol)! Here is one of our favorite color palette for the season, with deep and refined shades of blue.

And because we are nice 😉 , here are some quick tips to create this kind of venue decor, for you wedding, a birthday bash or a ocean themed party. 

String Fishing rope or solid twine hung in all directions, as a huge spyderweb on which you will suspend different elements of decoration. and play with the heights. A classic!

According to your whishes you can choose: several different product lines to be mixed, a single product line but several sizes or simply one product ordered in quantities.

Our blue sky is made with the following products:

  • Accordion lanterns -20cm- hug blue
  • Accordion lanterns -30cm – hug blue
  • Accordion lanterns -20cm- white
  • Accordion lanterns -30cm – white
  • Accordion lanterns -20cm- ice cube
  • Accordion lanterns -30cm – ice cube
  • Paper lanterns -20cm – surf blue
  • Paper lanterns -35cm – surf blue
  • Paper lanterns -15cm – white
  • Paper lanterns -15cm – new bora blue
  • Paper lanterns -15cm – surf blue
  • Paper lanterns -15cm – feather blue
  • Paper lanterns -35cm – white
  • Paper lanterns -20cm – white
  • Eyelet paper lanterns -20cm – white
  • Eyelet paper lanterns  -35cm – white
  • pompoms – 25cm – mint bubble
  • pompoms -40cm – mint bubble
  • pompoms -35cm – turquoise sea
  • pompoms -25cm – white
  • pompoms -40cm – white

White and blue sky to decorate your wedding venueWhite and blue sky to decorate your wedding venueWhite and blue sky to decorate your wedding venue White and blue sky to decorate your wedding venue White and blue sky to decorate your wedding venue White and blue sky to decorate your wedding venue

Find all our blue articles to create your own wedding sky in our boutique

View More:

Do you know the best place to shop your wedding or party decor ? Our store of course (duh!). We’re not kidding, your will find in our boutique the cutest paper lanterns for your wedding or most elegant paper decorations for your birthday, wether it takes place in a tent, a garden or a castle.


How to hang all these beautiful paper lanterns in your venue ? If you are not familiar with it, you need to get as much details as possible on your venue. Does it have beams, hooks or a structure you can hang your decorations to? Think also of windows that can generally be used to hang lanterns or paper fans.

You will find in this blog many decoration ideas, but feel free to reach out to us if you need consulting, we’ll be happy to help!





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ictures: Sara Parsons

How cute is this sweet little kitten party for Lila’s 8th birthday?!
What a great color palette, sweet but not too girlie. PERFECT

A great idea to borrow? Hanging a long paper lanterns garland to the top of a window for a gorgeous soft glow.

To create a similar decoration, you need the following paper lanterns:

Paper lanterns 35cm – vintage rose and latté
Accordion paper lanterns 20cm and 30cm – white and celadon
Paper Pompom Pompon en papier café au lait and sugar rose
Paper lanterns 20cm – Hazel
Paper lanterns 15cm – white






Check out our store to shop cute paper lanterns and paper decorations for your next kid’s party!

sous-le-lampion-popparty(c)Julie Abreu – photography

Please welcome “Pop Party”, our new paper lanterns kit especially designed to brighten your next birthday party, dinner with friends and any other celebration!  

Talented photographer Julie Abreu treated us with some amazing pictures of our newbie! 

This kit contains a group of paper lanterns and pompoms.  We have also add for you an hook & nail and string to hang the lanterns.

sous-le-lampion-popparty2(c)Julie Abreu – photographysous-le-lampion-popparty3(c)Julie Abreu – photography

You can find all our new kits in our boutique!


A great party for little Hadrien who just turned 3 – what a great color palette !

Graphic and chic, with our star lanterns and accordion lanterns bringing an additional pop of color.
Of course the cake is to die for !

You can find our accordion lanterns in profound turquoise and ice cube, our star lanterns and our bora blue paper lanterns in the store !

sous-le-lampion-hadrien-2 sous-le-lampion-hadrien-1 sous-le-lampion-hadrien-4

(C) Cybèle Desarnauts

Yes, we did fall for the lilac, aqua and silver color scheme (under the “Let it go, let it go” influence we guess !)… and we came up with a nice birthday/ tea party set up ! Tested by little girls who definitely went for it with big “wowwwws” and “prettyyyyy!”.

We had fun with accordion paper lanterns 30cm in white and ice cube colors, a honeycomb ball 35cm in white, and a white pompom. And to give a fun finish to the grouping, we masking-taped one of our tassel garlands under it.
Oh, and writing something on the wall with bright masking tape is always a must !

Have fun !

Products used are available in our store !  
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Claire, fan of lanterns, sent us her birthday decor made of colorful paper fans, honeycomb balls and accordion lanterns. These lovely clusters can be made with:

Accordion lantern – 20cm- profound turquoise

Accordion lantern – 30cm – honey lemonade

Accordion lantern – 20cm – watermelon hues

Accordion lantern – 20cm- ice cube

Paperfan – 45cm – vitamine pink

Honeycomb fans – 53cm – super blue ocean

Honeycomb fans – 53cm – frosted mint

Paper fan – 45cm – peach smoothie

Honeycomb ball – 30cm – pretty in pink

Honeycomb ball – 20cm – vitamine pink


All products are available in our boutique