You are many eager to know how to create a beautiful paper lanterns cluster to decorate a bedroom, a living room or any space of your home.

It is actually really easy, even my own sister known for her unability to do anything in the DIY-sphere can do it !

You just need to choose a range of colors you like, and to nail a small hook into a wall.


Most of the time, I use small picture hooks, that I fix with 2 nails. It’s absolutely perfect, and you can hang from there many lanterns, poms etc.
You can also find in hardware stores and online self-adhesive hooks from the brand TESA, quite convenient if you don’t want to leave traces on the wall.
There’s also another hook from the same brand, specially made for hanging lanterns from the ceiling. You can use them for a 4 to 5 lanterns chandelier.


Just add a bit of fishing line or ribbon and hang the lanterns at different heights.

And off course, outdoor, it’s always easier !