What a cute nursery for a baby that is about to come to the world! Juliette has created for her futur baby a grouping of paper lanterns  matching perfectly the white and red walls of the nursery!

We literally love the mix and match of different shapes and colors: it’s simple and beautiful!

You can copy the same grouping using the same of different colors for your own kids’ bedroom:

  • Paperfan lantern – 45cm – white
  • Accordion lantern – 20cm – silver grey
  • Star lantern – 60 cm – silver grey
  • Pompom – 40 cm – sugar rose
  • Honeycomb drops – 12,5cm – white
  • Accordion lantern – 20cm – Watermelon hues
  • Accordion Lantern – 30cm – Watermelon hues
  • Chevron paper lantern – 35cm – Blush
  • Honeycomb ball- 12cm – white


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